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“ Creatos” Experience

Have a little introduction class to ceramics and let your creativity and imagination make one or several clay pieces, alone or sharing the experience with your partner, a relative or a friend.


  • Material and tools for your project.
  • Two sessions for hand building and glazing, approximately 1hr 30mins each.
  • Bisque fire and high fire in a gas kiln.

By appointment only.

1 person $500 Pesos
Per couple $850 Pesos

“Maternos” Experience

Capture the most beautiful stage of your body….. pregnancy! Have a belly cast made on your 8th month of pregnancy and embellish your belly replica with your personal creative touch! We use non-toxic material in a private, hygienic and adapted place.


  • Casting and replica making.
  • Paint and material for the replica finishing patina.
  • Two sessions for the complete process.

By appointment only.

Pregnancy Body Casting $3,000 pesos
Baby's hand and foot $850 Pesos (1 mo/old only)
Child's hand 6 years+ $850 Pesos
Adult's hand $1,200 Pesos

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